Below, you’ll find the full poem ‘After’ by Philip Bourke Marston.



A LITTLE time for laughter,

— A little time to sing,

— A little time to kiss and cling,

And no more kissing after.


A little while for scheming

— Love’s unperfected schemes;

— A little time for golden dreams,

Then no more any dreaming.


A little while ’twas given

— To me to have thy love;

— Now, like a ghost, alone I move

About a ruined heaven.


A little time for speaking

— Things sweet to say and hear;

— A time to seek, and find thee near,

Then no more any seeking.


A little time for saying

— Words the heart breaks to say;

— A short sharp time wherein to pray,

Then no more need of praying;


But long, long years to weep in,

— And comprehend the whole

— Great grief that desolates the soul,

And eternity to sleep in.

Philip Bourke Marston 


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