Scrbbly is an online English Literature and Language learning platform. It’s for students of all levels who are looking to improve their essay and exam grades.

How does Scrbbly work?

The platform provides access to video and text-based courses that students can watch and make notes from, in their own time. Each course teaches you how to study a particular literary text (poems, plays and novels), or how to write and analyse a non-literary form (essays, speeches, letters, articles, diary entries).

Our courses all offer enough content for students to excel in their exams to a high level. Often we provide example answers and essays at A and A* grades, as well as giving breakdowns of exams and mark schemes to help each learner achieve his or her full potential.

What if I need help with a specific course or exam?

There are also skills-based courses to help you refine your essay writing and exam technique. Some modules are designed around specific exam boards (AQA, CIE, OCR). Others have a broader focus and teach you how to tackle different types of essays and exam questions. The skills you learn from these are applicable to any essay-based subject; they are transferable to subjects such as history, politics, law, modern foreign languages and classics.

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What kinds of students can benefit from Scrbbly courses?

If you’re motivated and you want to do well in English, then Scrbbly is for you. We originally created Scrbbly for students who care and are willing to learn, but who have been let down by education in some way – those whose teachers don’t care enough to teach them well, those who have been sick or disadvantaged and need to catch up with lessons, perhaps also those who really want to push themselves and feel like they’re not being properly supported by their current schooling system.

Distance learning always requires more commitment from the individual learner because there’s no teacher monitoring you and forcing you to work – it all has to come from your own drive and dedication. Beyond that, these courses suit any type of learner at any level from aged 13 and above. You can pause and replay videos, and go at your own pace. Each video is accompanied by downloadable documents that you can print out and read, so the course material suits visual and auditory learners alike. Scrbbly video courses and learning resources are perfect for independent learning, home schooling, revision and students taking resits. For extra 1-1 help, you can also request private tuition, marking and/or proofreading here.

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