Below, you’ll find the poem ‘Nanabhai Bhatt in Prison’ by Sujata Bhatt.


Nanabhai Bhatt in Prison

At the foot of Takhteshwar hill

there was an L-shaped house 

hidden from the road 

by five mango trees 

Planted by Nanabhai Bhatt. 

Huge crows swoop over 

the L-shaped terrace, 

red-beaked green parrots fight over 

the mango trees. Some years the monsoons 

sweep away too much. 

It is 1930, 1936…

It is 1942: 

Nanabhai sits writing for a moment 

while my grandmother

gives orders to everyone. 

The next day, he lands in prison again:

thrown in without a trial 

for helping Gandhiji 

for Civil Disobedience. 

(Full poem unable to be reproduced due to the copyright)

Sujata Bhatt

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