Below, you’ll find the poem ‘Orpheus Confesses to Eurydice’ by Sujata Bhatt.


Orpheus Confesses to Eurydice

It was a lack of faith. 

I admit it. I didn’t believe enough 

in you or even in the power 

of my song. I needed constant reassurance. 

Yes, I saw how the Furies wept 

as I sang slower, softer – Time stopped for me – 

still, I didn’t think they’d let you go. 

I didn’t think you’d be free to follow me. 

And so I looked back

wondering: were you really there? 

I’ve caught the snake

that killed you – I keep him 

alive. He’s become a sort of pet – 

such a small viper, and so supple – 

my last connection to you. And his brightness: 

eyes, skin – how he shimmers in the sun – keeps me alert

and reminds me at times of your brightness:

the sun in your hair, the jewels around your neck. 

At first, of course, I thought of revenge. 

I thought of hurting the snake, 

               of throwing him into a fire. 

But I hesitated and now I’ve grown fond of him.

(Full poem unable to be reproduced due to the copyright)

Sujata Bhatt

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